2019: The Year of Newly Planted Trees (Czech Republic)

We planted hundreds of trees and cleaned up natural habitats marred by litter and garbage. We also joined efforts to save trees from bark beetle infestation, which can be lethal to trees.

Over 800 trees planted in the Bohemian Forest

The MY TREES community enthusiastically joined a nationwide event that took place in individual regions of the Czech Republic under the slogan of “Lesy ČR s.p.” Participants found a coordinator in their region and arranged to take part in planting. The result? More than 100 MY TREES volunteers, from eight out of fourteen regions, helped plant more than 800 new trees!

Cleaned Up Mount Sněžka

As part of the nationwide project Clean the World, Clean the Czech Republic, volunteers organized Clean Mount Sněžka. Despite harsh weather, in October 2019, MY TREES volunteers removed garbage harmful to the environment from the highest peak in the Czech Republic, as well as from the mountain’s surroundings.

Fought the Bark Beetle in the Krkonoše National Park

The bark beetle is an insect that infects trees, reproducing in their inner bark and weakening or even killing hosts. Trees are particularly susceptible to damage under drought conditions. The Krkonoše National Park and MY TREES teamed up to fight back against infestation August 16-18, 2019, and enjoyed high participation despite that period falling over a holiday. Armed with professional tools, MY TREES volunteers got to action and peeled tree barks to help get rid of the beetle.

Plant a Tree and Pass It On

We care about the future of our planet.
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Clean air and sustainability are our priorities.
If they are yours, too, join us!