Who Is Behind MY TREES?

We are a group of enthusiastic people with Czech and American roots who share the same vision. We live all over the world, and thanks to modern technology, we work as one team.

We from MY TREES

Jaroslav Pilný
Jaroslav PilnýFounder, Commander of Distribution Network, and Dreamer
Jaroslav spent more than 25 years of his life as a motivational speaker. He built world distribution networks until 2013, when he was removed from the payroll. In retrospect, he sees this “cut” as a wonderful gift, finding his own way and the universe. Jaroslav’s new universe is MY TREES, which he breathed life into with his wife, Beata. He says of the project: “MY TREES is fair to everyone involved in it, and also to Mother Earth and nature. Sometimes I feel like a Phoenix, born of ashes and bringing light into the future of our children.”
Beata Pilná
Beata PilnáFounder & guard of finance and contracts
Beata, along with husband Jarda, is the creator of the MY TREES concept. She graduated from the University of Ústí nad Labem and has many life roles. Beata raises two great boys and loves people, movement, and great challenges. She can drive like an engine with powerful torque, but at the same time knows when to turn on the emergency brake. Without exception, she surprises those who underestimate her, and she hates mediocrity.
Vladka Anderson
Vladka Anderson CEO Perfect Network, Inc. & Planning Maniac
Vladka likes nature, forests, and fresh air. She strives to live a green lifestyle that favors the environment. That’s why she likes MY TREES. It connects everything it honors, and allows individuals to contribute to sustainability. As Vladka says: “It is just amazing to be a part of a project that inspires many people to work toward a better world. Together, we can change the future of our planet.”
Courtenay Edelhart
Courtenay EdelhartCopywriter & Idealist
Courtenay is a former journalist who lives in the Los Angeles area of the United States with two children, a mean little dog, and assorted dying houseplants. She loves books, movies and Snoopy. Courtenay promotes trees because she wants her family and future generations to breathe easier, literally and figuratively.
Denisa Miltová
Denisa Miltová A good soul in customer support, and an enthusiastic reader
Denisa has several roles: mom, friend, team member. She likes reading, (especially Agatha Christie), listening to music, and cooking for family and friends. Family comes first, and MY TREES members are almost like her second family.
Kelvin Parker
Kelvin ParkerProducer and creator
Kelvin likes to work with creatives on music and artistic projects. He has 20 plus years experience in the entertainment industry, and joined MY TREES to add his creative expertise to this unique project.
Vojta Pinc
Vojta PincDesigner, animator & storyteller
Vojta draws and animates. Graphics are his life. He enjoys stories, listening, creating, and mediating. MY TREES creates one great story right now, which is exactly right for Vojta.
Zdenka Pištěková
Zdenka PištěkováTutor and Tornado Lů
Life is a challenge for Zdenka. Many challenges, in fact. Roads do not go simply. They twist, rise, or fall sharply. Still, you march. You don’t pause to catch your breath and doubt if you made the right choice. That target somewhere in the distance drives you forward. Go on, don’t give up, overcome, and win. That’s how Zdenka sees it, and MY TREES sees it the same way.
Daniel Šputa
Daniel ŠputaWeb Designer and code solver
Daniel is eager to work on projects that focus on meaningful solutions to everyday problems. Therefore, he is really pleased to be involved in the MY TREES project. It thus contributes to solving several problems at the same time, both for individuals and for all of humanity.
Jaroslav Tchenda Čerych
Jaroslav Tchenda ČerychGraphic designer, creator & anything about multimedia
After a long search for what he should actually do in life, he left engineering and plunged into the waters of creative media. Let’s face it – it was a truly incredible benefit to humanity and engineering. Now he does anything from design, video, music, and so on. He likes to look at the sky, the green grass and the surface of good coffee. And especially he likes to work with people who love their job and put their heart and head into it.
Lucie Bednářová
Lucie BednářováCopywriter with hands made of clay
Lucie asks a lot questions and writes a lot. She likes to get to know the people behind interesting projects and helps them get their ideas into words. MY TREES fitted her exactly how a flower fits a flower pot. By the way, she has more than enough of them at home – she fights against environmental dangers with growing room plants. She has already collected several dozen of them from green swaps, and her favorite quote is “good plants always fit”.
Gita Feichtinger
Gita FeichtingerCreator and Traveler with Coffee in her Soul
Her passion is traveling. The whole world is her district. She lived in Canada, New Zealand and England. When she is not flying around the world, she plays with words and helps people bring their ideas to life. She enjoys reading poems and painting pictures in coffee, loves good food and good lyrics. Gita recharges energy with nature and people who are full of life. It is said that there is never enough of both!
Václav Beran
Václav BeranStoryteller & Brand Builder
A true permaculture fan, father of 3 boys, creative, good food lover and true meaning seeker in everything he does. He likes to spend his free time among trees, where he gains energy, rests and looks for inspiration. Thus, joining the MY TREES project was a very simple decision, following his heart! In short, Vašek is our searcher and a story-teller of amazing stories of people that MY TREES has connected and connects every day. And he is very happy that he can spread this great idea together with others to the rest of the world!

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