Who Is Behind MY TREES?

We are a group of enthusiastic people with Czech and American roots who share the same vision. We live all over the world, and thanks to modern technology, we work as one team.

We from MY TREES

Jaroslav Pilný
Jaroslav PilnýFounder, Commander of Distribution Network, and Dreamer
Jaroslav spent more than 25 years of his life as a motivational speaker. He built world distribution networks until 2013, when he was removed from the payroll. In retrospect, he sees this “cut” as a wonderful gift, finding his own way and the universe. Jaroslav’s new universe is MY TREES, which he breathed life into with his wife, Beata. He says of the project: “MY TREES is fair to everyone involved in it, and also to Mother Earth and nature. Sometimes I feel like a Phoenix, born of ashes and bringing light into the future of our children.”
Denisa Miltová
Denisa Miltová A good soul in customer support, and an enthusiastic reader
Denisa has several roles: mom, friend, team member. She likes reading, (especially Agatha Christie), listening to music, and cooking for family and friends. Family comes first, and MY TREES members are almost like her second family.
Vojta Pinc
Vojta PincDesigner, animator & storyteller
Vojta draws and animates. Graphics are his life. He enjoys stories, listening, creating, and mediating. MY TREES creates one great story right now, which is exactly right for Vojta.
Jaroslav Tchenda Čerych
Jaroslav Tchenda ČerychGraphic designer, creator & anything about multimedia
After a long search for what he should actually do in life, he left engineering and plunged into the waters of creative media. Let’s face it – it was a truly incredible benefit to humanity and engineering. Now he does anything from design, video, music, and so on. He likes to look at the sky, the green grass and the surface of good coffee. And especially he likes to work with people who love their job and put their heart and head into it.
Gita Feichtinger
Gita FeichtingerCreator and Traveler with Coffee in her Soul
Her passion is traveling. The whole world is her district. She lived in Canada, New Zealand and England. When she is not flying around the world, she plays with words and helps people bring their ideas to life. She enjoys reading poems and painting pictures in coffee, loves good food and good lyrics. Gita recharges energy with nature and people who are full of life. It is said that there is never enough of both!

Story of MY TREES

Learn how everything started.

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