MY TREES is Our Love

MY TREES brings together people who care about air quality, climate change, and what kind of Earth we leave for future generations – people who want to help, have fun, and make money. There are several ways to get involved in the project. As volunteers, we plant trees all over the world. We also rent 1,000 hectares of land in Vichada, Colombia, where we raise fast-growing trees for the timber industry. We farm there organically, creating local jobs and cooperating with neighbors to care for a rare native forest that grows on our land.

Our Mission and Goal

The Amazon rainforest, which accounts for about 14 percent of all forestland on Earth, is shrinking more and more every year. The main threat is people who harvest valuable trees as raw material. MY TREES raises fast-growing trees on long-lived soil as an alternative to clearcutting rainforests. When the first fast-growing trees are harvested, we will enter the South American timber market and show that rare and ancient trees need not die to provide raw material for industries. Harvesting wood from sustainable tree farms preserves rainforest habitat for wildlife, as well as a significant source of the world’s oxygen.

How do we plant trees in Colombia

We rented a previously barren plot of land in Vichada, Colombia, and so far have planted about 70,000 fast-growing eucalyptus trees there. We are working with the Colombian company InverBosques, a farming company certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. InverBosques created the structure of our forest management plan, budget, and operational plans. The company’s FSC certification means we can be sure they are committed to sustainability and protecting the environment. That internationally recognized certification gives us credibility with world wood markets and access to key figures in the industry.

1. With your “Starter Fee” package, you get the first tree and become part of the MY TREES community. You will gain access to a “green” sustainable business.

2. Our people in Colombia will prepare a seedling of eucalyptus or acacia and let it grow roots.

3. Under the Colombian sun, new young trunks and crowns rise to the sky. We take care of them meticulously as they grow.

4. We take mature trees from the farm and offer them as much needed raw material, providing an alternative to cutting down rare forest trees that are part of the ecosystem.

5. We will split the money from the trees we sell. You can either keep your profit or spend the money on buying more trees. This is your choice.

Our trees on the El Morichal site in Vichada, Colombia

We are really proud of them, as well as of the people who help us plant them.

El Morichal 2020

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Video about the MY TREES project

See how our planting works.

Video about MY TREES


We Think Green and Believe that Everyone Can Change the World

We couldn’t sit idly by and watch while rainforests were decimated, so we got up and planted our first tree. Then another. And another. Today, we have our first forest. Tomorrow, there will be more. Together, we can plant a billion trees around the world. Every hand counts. Even an individual can do great things, especially when they connect with others.

And how about you? When will you plant your first tree?