MY TREES GLOBAL: Clearing the Air


There are few upsides to a global pandemic, but one silver lining is that, for at least a little while, nature is getting her groove back. It’s not your imagination if the air seems cleaner. Scientists all over the planet are documenting measurable improvements in the atmosphere while a lot of the world’s vehicles and factories are on hiatus

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MY TREES GLOBAL: Filling Out The Farm


We’re growing -- literally and figuratively. In 2019, MY TREES planted almost 40,000 trees on 28 hectares of land on a site called El Morichal, which lies in the Vichada area of Colombia. But our intention was never to stop there. This year, we’re adding thousands more.

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Planting with “Treeman” (Czech Republic)


We have established a partnership with Sázíme Stromy (, which in the Czech Republic connects companies, municipalities, and individuals to plant trees where they are most needed. The money for this comes from environmentally-friendly companies, essentially forming an eco-charity and team building activity. The companies buy the trees, and their employees plant them under professional guidance.

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Conservation of the Chaparralito Native Forest in El Morichal, Vichada (Colombia)


The native forest grows on our land of El Morichal. It is so dense that it is almost impenetrable, and it is protected by Colombian law. Commercial interests may not touch native forests, and we are proud and happy to comply. Doing so fits perfectly with our main concept of protecting and restoring the natural resources of our planet.

Conservation of the Chaparralito Native Forest in El Morichal, Vichada (Colombia)2021-10-16T06:31:30+02:00