Conservation of the Chaparralito Native Forest in El Morichal, Vichada (Colombia)

The native forest grows on our land of El Morichal. It is so dense that it is almost impenetrable, and it is protected by Colombian law. Commercial interests may not touch native forests, and we are proud and happy to comply. Doing so fits perfectly with our main concept of protecting and restoring the natural resources of our planet.

Our Colombian Mission

MY TREES rents a large piece of land in the Vichada area of Columbia for our eucalyptus tree farm. The land is called El Morichal. We manage it with the local professional agricultural company InverBosques, which has been a huge help in making sure our trees thrive.

Adjacent to our eucalyptus farm is a large, native rainforest. It has been completely untouched for millenia, and is protected from harvesting or development under Columbian law. We are really proud of our piece of rainforest, and guard it closely. Being responsible stewards of the land is part of our mission to protect and restore the natural resources of our planet.

Rare Animals and Plants

Many native species of lianas, palm trees, and thousands of small and large green plants grow in the native rainforest. Without a machete, you will not get inside – and that’s good. Everything is supposed to remain as it has for thousands of years, and we have not looked anywhere we could not enter freely.

Vichada also is home to a plethora of rare wild animals. Its many species of fish has made it a major fishing hub, and local fisherman insist there may be fish species that science has yet to discover.

Colorful, noisy parrots are everywhere you look, and drivers in the area have to be careful to avoid turtles that can often be found crossing the roads. Anteaters are another creature known to be a traffic scofflaw.

Crocodiles are common, too, as are snakes, especially anacondas. You also will find huge spiders and several kinds of termites. The uncrowned king of the local forests, however, is the jaguar, who is very shy.

Plant a Tree and Pass It On

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