Plant a Tree and Pass It On

Trees are our mission. By planting sustainable tree farms in harmony with nature, MY TREES participates in the afforestation of the planet. We plant fast-growing trees that produce income for business partners and small investors; and as volunteers, we plant thousands of trees around the world. Know about a tree planting project in your area? Let us know! We want to help.

MY TREES is caretaker for a rare native forest in South America, next to which we grow fast-growing eucalyptus trees. Our eucalyptus forest improves air quality and creates jobs for local residents. This is made possible by connecting people who care about what kind of Earth we pass on to subsequent generations.

Together we can plant a billion trees. Will you join us?

2 Levels of Involvement in the MY TREES Project


Help us by purchasing trees. You choose how many trees to plant for you, and we place them in the soil to grow and improve air quality. Our business is transparent and accountable. We always tell you exactly where your trees are growing so you can monitor your investment’s progress.

Help and Earn Money

Our Fast-Growing Trees Protect the Amazon Rainforest. If manufacturers have a reliable, affordable source of timber from sustainable tree farms, there is less incentive to clearcut natural forestland, particularly the ecologically essential rainforests that are the lungs of the planet. We are an alternative to destroying forests. Our organic growing methods on a 1,000-hectare plot in Columbia preserve quality soil for successive generations of fast-growing trees. The trees can be harvested and quickly replaced, providing a sustainable source of wood for years to come.

We inspire sustainable development

Everyone can join us on our journey. Even you! Decide for yourself how far you will go with us and how many trees you will plant.