MY TREES GLOBAL: Filling Out The Farm

We’re growing — literally and figuratively.

In 2019, MY TREES planted almost 40,000 trees on 28 hectares of land on a site called El Morichal, which lies in the Vichada area of Colombia. But our intention was never to stop there. This year, we’re adding thousands more.

We started planting again this month and expect to have another 30,000 trees placed in the soil over a period of two to three weeks. The seedlings are from the InverBosques nursery, a Columbian farming company certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. They created the structure of our forest management plan, budget, and operational plans.

El Morichal has a total of 1,000 hectares, and all but almost 900 hectares of that is available for planting. The restricted part of 108.3 hectares is a native forest that we are bound by Columbian law to preserve in its natural state. As strong supporters of saving the planet, we are only too happy to do so.

Trees are good for the environment because they absorb carbon dioxide, which slows the rate of global warming. Trees also help prevent flooding and erosion and provide a habitat for wildlife.

It isn’t enough to merely protect existing forests, however. We are strong proponents of afforestation, the process of planting barren land with trees to create new forests. 

In collaboration with a network of volunteers, our nonprofit sister organization, The MY TREES Foundation, plants non-commercial trees all over the world to help improve air quality.

Our commercial tree farm in Columbia helps clean air, too, and does double duty as a source of lumber for the timber industry. We’re raising fast-growing eucalyptus trees in hopes that they’ll attract manufacturers who might otherwise clear cut natural forests. Growing trees that can be quickly replaced supports our philosophy of sustainability, which is the best way to protect the environment.

Even as we were planting our first fast-growing eucalyptus trees, we were making plans for the seedlings that this year will move us to more than 50 forested hectares. That brings us to a total of 70,000 eucalyptus trees.

In addition to helping the earth, these trees offer a lucrative business opportunity. MY TREES is a multi level marketing firm that markets products and services through a network of independent business owners. The earlier you join as an independent business owner, the greater your potential for earnings. Or if you’d prefer not to sell, you can put money in a young tree that we will sell for you when it matures.

Plant a Tree and Pass It On

We care about the future of our planet.
That’s why we founded MY TREES.
We plant trees all over the world.
Clean air and sustainability are our priorities.
If they are yours, too, join us!