MY TREES GLOBAL: From a Big Dream to Reality

In 2015 we had a crazy idea and a big dream. Divert the lumber industry away from clearcutting precious natural forests by providing an alternative source of wood from a carefully and sustainably managed tree farm.

It took a lot of planning, but we did it! MY TREES is a multi-level marketing firm that cultivates fast-growing trees in Colombia. We’ve secured land and planted the first nearly 40,000 eucalyptus trees, and we’re in the process of planting another 30,000.

The idea is simple. Sell trees and make money, or recruit others to sell trees and make even more money. If you’re not into selling, you can invest in one or more young trees that we’ll nurture to maturity and sell to manufacturers, splitting the profits with you.

There also are volunteer opportunities to plant non-commercial trees in your area through our nonprofit sister organization, The MY TREES Foundation.

It wasn’t a coincidence that our pre-launch in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and EU countries took place on Earth Day, April 22, 2018. We scheduled our global launch exactly two years later, on Earth Day of 2020. Both were fitting days because our mission and culture are all about preserving the Earth, particularly the rainforests that are the lungs of the planet.

If a business venture that’s good for the environment intrigues you, check us out.

We located our farm in Colombia because it was affordable and had the best soil type and climate for growing eucalyptus trees quickly and sustainably. The trees are on a site called El Morichal, which lies in the Vichada area of Colombia and has a total of 1,000 hectares. It’s a beautiful piece of land divided into three parts: El Morichal, La Potra Zaine, and Chaparralito. The last one, Chaparralito, is a 108.3-hectare native forest that Colombian law mandates we preserve in its natural state.

In just 10 weeks in 2019, we planted almost 40,000 trees on 28 hectares of land. The seedlings we’re acquiring this year will move us to more than 50 forested hectares for a total of 70,000 eucalyptus trees. We’ll be planting in the rainy season, as is the custom there.

2019 was also the first year members of the MY TREES sales force competed to win a free top network performers’ visit to Colombia. In the fall, seven lucky winners joined members of the MY TREES leadership team on a trip to experience South American culture and see the tree farm first-hand. The second annual contest is underway, and another group will be flying down after the lifting of pandemic-related travel restrictions. Because of COVID-19, we are extending the contest until September 30, 2020.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis has dampened an otherwise successful rollout, forcing the postponement of several marketing events related to the spring global launch. The pandemic forced us to rethink activities in Los Angeles, Ústí nad Labem, Bratislava, and Valencia that we’d been really excited about. Our hope is to revive them when it’s safe to do so. Needless to say, the health and welfare of ourselves and others are our first priority.

Fortunately, multi-level marketing lends itself well to the Internet, and we already had the infrastructure in place to do business online. We have members actively working in 12 countries, and they’re all busy taking advantage of renewed interest in e-commerce.

The goal of the global launch is to raise capital so we can plant more trees, and ultimately acquire more land to create additional tree farms. MY TREES is a direct sales company that markets products and services through a network of independent business owners. The earlier you join as an independent business owner, the greater your potential for earnings.

Plant a Tree and Pass It On

We care about the future of our planet.
That’s why we founded MY TREES.
We plant trees all over the world.
Clean air and sustainability are our priorities.
If they are yours, too, join us!