Planting with “Treeman” (Czech Republic)

We have established a partnership with Sázíme Stromy (, which in the Czech Republic connects companies, municipalities, and individuals to plant trees where they are most needed. The money for this comes from environmentally-friendly companies, essentially forming an eco-charity and team building activity. The companies buy the trees, and their employees plant them under professional guidance. MY TREES members were looking forward to the first “Planting with Treeman” with Sázíme Stromy in April 2020, but the event was postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We are counting on a replacement date, and hopeful that this partnership will continue long-term, as we both share the same philosophies and goals.

Plant a Tree and Pass It On

We care about the future of our planet.
That’s why we founded MY TREES.
We plant trees all over the world.
Clean air and sustainability are our priorities.
If they are yours, too, join us!